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See a Dentist in Washington to Use All of Your Benefits

October 21, 2018

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woman in dentist's chairNumbers don’t lie. So let’s take a look at some numbers. The American Dental Association estimates that on average, Americans with dental insurance receive only $323 of dental treatment each year. But a typical plan has an annual maximum of $1,250, which means that $927 is not being used. Multiply that by the 164 million people who have private dental insurance and the grand total in lost dental benefits is $152 billion! And because most benefits don’t roll over to the following year, that’s a lot of money getting left behind. How can you help avoid such waste? Schedule a dental checkup today with a dentist in Washington!


The Dentist in Washington Can Fix That!

September 15, 2018

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The Dentist in Washington Can Fix That!Have you ever been enjoying a meal when all of the sudden there is something small and sharp in your mouth? A chipped tooth can happen even if you’re not biting down on something hard. If the tooth already has some decay, then a chip or break may be more likely to occur. Don’t panic. A dentist in Washington has a few simple restorative options that can take care of that tooth pretty quickly.


What Happens if My Whole Smile Needs Work?

September 4, 2018

X-rays of teeth with numerous repairsOne cavity or a chipped tooth may require a filling or a dental crown to recreate your flawless smile, but what happens if almost every tooth needs help? For those patients who are struggling with extensive tooth decay, tooth loss, or other dental injuries, there may not be one, quick solution. Instead, a dentist may need to provide a cosmetic smile makeover or restorative full mouth reconstruction. Keep reading to learn more about when you may need full mouth reconstruction and what treatments may be included.

Back to School: Tips from Your Family Dentist in Washington

August 19, 2018

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children smiling downBack to school! The summer was fun, but now it’s time for everyone to have a routine and hit the books. It’s also time to go over the importance of dental health. Not only colds and flu keep children home from school. According to a study published in the Journal of Public Health, between 58 and 80 hours of school were missed because of dental pain and toothaches out every 100 students between the ages of 5 and 17. And their parents missed an average of 2.5 days of work so they could take kids to the dentist. You can avoid all of this when you follow a few tips from a family dentist in Washington.


See Your Family Dentist in Washington Every Six Months

July 14, 2018

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smiling familyWhen’s the last time you saw a family dentist in Washington? Hint: the correct answer is not last year! The American Dental Association recommends dental checkups every six months for each member of the family. With this regularity, your dental team can closely monitor the condition of your teeth and gums in order to spot any concerning changes before they get out of hand.


Your Family Dentist in Washington Has Advice for Keeping Kids Teeth Healthy

June 17, 2018

smiling young boyChildren require different forms of care and nurturing as they grow. You begin by doing everything for your child and then gradually teach them how to do things on their own. Caring for their teeth is no exception. Here are some tips from the family dentist in Washington on how to properly care for your children’s smiles as they go from infancy, childhood to the teen years.


The Dentist in Washington Discusses the Health Value of Caring for Your Teeth

June 14, 2018

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smiling manYou don’t need to be told that what you put in your mouth plays a direct role in your health and well-being. You can eat fresh fruit and vegetables or candy and potato chips. You can smoke, or not. But did you also know that the condition of your teeth and gums could also impact the condition of your body? Read on to learn what the dentist in Washington has to say about the importance of caring for your smile.


Tips to Avoid Summer Dental Surprises from a Family Dentist in Washington

June 6, 2018

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parents and two kidsSchool’s out for the summer! Although there may not be books and homework, there are still activities and a different kind of routine. Sometimes that new routine can make someone forget to brush and floss their teeth. Too many “oops, I forgot” moments can quickly lead to undesirable dental surprises. Follow these tips from a family dentist in Washington and your summer will be filled with healthy and happy smiles this summer.


Spruce Up for Spring with Teeth Whitening in Washington

May 15, 2018

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Spruce Up for Spring with Teeth Whitening in WashingtonSpring is the time for celebrations. Between graduations and weddings, there’s a good chance your smile will be in more than few photos this season. Why not make sure your smile looks great with teeth whitening in Washington? The procedure is completely safe so you don’t have to worry about harming your tooth enamel. Read on to learn about in-office and at-home whitening.


Looking Out for Women’s Oral Health with the Dentist in Washington

April 25, 2018

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woman in dentist's chairAccording to research recently published in the Journal of Periodontology, women are almost twice as likely to schedule regular dental checkups, have the recommended follow-up treatments and have better overall periodontal health than men. That’s good for women, because a woman’s hormone levels may increase your chances of developing gum disease. Trust your dentist in Washington to give you the facts and help you take care of your teeth and gums.


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