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Dental Implants in Washington Will Do More than Make You Smile

December 19, 2017

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smiling couple with dental implants in WashingtonCongratulations! You’ve decided to get dental implants to replace your missing teeth. No doubt you’ll be delighted with your new smile. But did you know that dental implants in Washington offer many other benefits, as well? Read to learn more about this excellent option for tooth replacement.

Dental Implants Replicate Healthy Teeth

Other than your own natural teeth, dental implants are truly the next best thing. With the implant secured in your jawbone to replace a missing root and a lifelike tooth restoration substituting for the crown, a dental implant mimics the structure of a tooth.

Dental Implants Ensure a Healthy Jaw

Other tooth replacements such as a bridge or dentures merely rest on top of gums. Consequently, you still have missing teeth, which can cause your jawbone to deteriorate. As a result, the bone loses strength and firmness, leading to facial sagging.

With dental implants, on the other hand, your jawbone is kept healthy. Just like a natural tooth root, the implanted post stimulates new bone tissue growth. So while your jawbone keeps the implant in place, the implant keeps your bone from deteriorating.

Eat and Speak with Confidence

Because dental implants are anchored in bone, you never have to worry about tripping over your words or not being able to eat certain foods. Both of these have been known to happen with removable prosthetics. Because dental implants function like natural teeth, you’ll be able to enunciate and eat anything you want.

Dental Implants Stay in Your Mouth

Have you ever seen someone’s teeth in a glass? Then you know what it takes to keep a bridge or dentures clean. These prosthetics must be removed every night for cleaning and soaking. Dental implants stay right where they belong—in your mouth. All you have to do take care of them is brush and floss just as you do for your natural teeth.

And don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with your dentist in Washington. These visits give your professional dental team the chance to regularly exam the integrity of your implants.

Dental Implants are Cost-Effective

Dentures or dental bridges typically last between five and seven years—maybe 10 if they are given very good care—but eventually they will need to be replaced. Over time, this can be an expense.

Dental implants may require an occasional adjustment, but if they are properly placed then you can look forward to having them for a lifetime. So while the up-front cost may be higher, over the long-run dental implants may turn out to be less expensive.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. James Mace is a family and cosmetic dentist in Washington, MO. He and his team are dedicated to ensuring the health, beauty and longevity of your smile. If you’d like to learn more about dental implants or another service, make an appointment to see the dentist near me.


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