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The Dentist in Washington Discusses the Health Value of Caring for Your Teeth

June 14, 2018

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smiling manYou don’t need to be told that what you put in your mouth plays a direct role in your health and well-being. You can eat fresh fruit and vegetables or candy and potato chips. You can smoke, or not. But did you also know that the condition of your teeth and gums could also impact the condition of your body? Read on to learn what the dentist in Washington has to say about the importance of caring for your smile.

The Oral-Systemic Connection

The oral-systemic connection is the term dentists, doctors and researchers use to describe the link between the health of your mouth and the health of your body. Some medical condition show early warning signs in your mouth. Regular dental checkups with a dentist near me are critical to maintaining oral health and controlling infections from the body that can lead to cavities or periodontal disease.

Some of the diseases and illnesses included in the oral-systemic connection are:

Diabetes. People who have diabetes and develop gum disease are more prone to excessive bone loss in the jaw and have a harder time healing.

Heart Disease. The same oral bacteria that cause periodontal disease may also cause heart disease and stroke. Research has proven that inadequate oral health—often the result of poor oral hygiene at home and neglecting to have dental checkups regularly—may increase your risk for cardiovascular disease.

Pancreatic Cancer. In 2007, the Harvard School of Public Health published results from a study drawing a connection between periodontal disease and an increased risk for pancreatic cancer.

Dentition and Diet

At the most basic, maintaining a healthy mouth with strong teeth is essential to eating a health diet. People who are missing teeth often have no choice but to change their diet. For example, eating fresh fruits and vegetable may become next to impossible. Consequently, they may choose to eat softer foods that are often high in saturated fats that are harmful to the cardiovascular system.

What Can You Do for Your Oral and General Health?

In short, be the captain of your own ship. Take care of your teeth with a good oral hygiene routine at home and regular dental checkups. A dentist in Washington should see you twice each year for a dental cleaning and exam. These visits are not only an opportunity to have your teeth professionally cleaned, but they also give us the chance to examine your gums for signs of periodontal disease.

If it’s time for you to see the dentist, don’t delay. Call today to schedule an appointment. Not only for the sake of your smile, but for overall health, too.


Meet the Doctor

Dr. James Mace is a family dentist in Washington, MO. He and his staff are committed to ensuring the health, beauty and longevity of your smile. If you need to schedule a dental checkup or another service, contact us today.

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