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Washington Patient Testimonials

Dear Jim,
Please consider my gratitude for an amazing smile transformation. As an architect, I meet with clients daily. The renovation has improved my professional appearance and boosted self-confidence, ultimately providing value to multiple aspects of my life.

At a young age, veneers were installed on my front two teeth by another dentist. One day I bit down on a piece of baguette bread and chipped both the veneer and the underlying tooth. In addition, spaces between other teeth limited the foods I typically selected.

During a consultation, you provided several options on ways to correct both issues, including recommendations for orthodontists. After the braces were completed, my teeth were ready for the veneers. I was very impressed with your artistic approach and technical ability during the restoration process. Your team provided a family environment any patient can feel comfortable in.

"Changing lives one at a time" is consistent with my experience. I would highly recommend your professional services to anyone considering a smile update

PS – Another way to describe my experience is awesome!

Just wanted to thank you for the treatment that I received from you and your staff. Everything seems to feel and fit much better now. The care given to me while in your office was very comforting, and I also appreciate the time you took from your schedule, especially at a short notice.

Wow, we are finished! What a beautiful job. Thank you for all your work and your expertise! You are a great dentist. I also want to congratulate you on having such a well-organized staff. They project a friendly and caring attitude that makes a visit to the dentist pleasant.
Thanks again for everything; I am so proud of my teeth.

Dr. Mace,

This card is long overdue and I apologize for that. I have been meaning to say thank you for quite some time.

I love the way my new tooth looks! I’m not afraid to smile or laugh anymore. I don’t feel the need to cover my mouth! I was hesitant at first, when my mom suggested it. Now, I could not be happier. She had said you were a perfectionist—she wasn’t kidding.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don’t know what else to say. May you and your family be blessed for all the wonderful things you do for others.


Dr. Mace,

I am writing in response to your letter dated October 23, 2007. I am happy to share my experiences with your dental practice, because they have all been very positive.

First of all, your entire staff is always courteous, helpful and professional. They each know me by my first name, and are friendly. You, along with your staff, seem to be up on the cutting edge of dental technology; and yet you keep cost and practical application in mind. Above all, I really feel that you and your staff care about the person and their treatment—I am not just a body in your dental chair two times a year. I remember when my youngest daughter passed away in a car accident and you had recently begun to see her four children. I was so touched that you sent a memorial gift to the children—that is a dentist who is in touch with his patients and cares about them.

For me to give this praise really says a lot. Prior to visiting you, I had gone to the same dentist for well over 30 years. My daughter, Rhonda (who also recommended my other daughter, Kelly, and her family), was so pleased with your services that she kept on me to attend a dentist that was closer to the Washington area (my prior dentist was located in South County). Reluctantly, I finally gave in—which was difficult due to my longstanding relationship with my prior dentist. I have been very pleased with the decision!

Keep up the good work!!!!


My first visit with Dr. Mace was an emergency. During a routine cleaning, it was discovered that my permanent bridge was no longer permanent. I drove straight to Dr. Mace’s office and was told to be in his office at 7:00 a.m. the next morning. I could not be more pleased with his expertise and skill.

Since then I’ve had several other procedures performed and I always continue to be amazed with his knowledge. He is not satisfied until it is perfect!

I’m also impressed with his very friendly & accommodating staff.

Gratefully yours,

P.S. Dr. Mace is the only doctor that ever gave me his cell phone number – just in case I needed him!

Both of use are well pleased, and confident with the work and care given to our teeth. We feel we are getting the best of care. We are relaxed when we are in the chair.

The staff has been friendly and knowledgeable when asked questions.

John and Ruth


I have been with Dr. Mace ever since he came to Washington. I told him I would like to keep my teeth. He and his staff have worked hard to honor my wishes. I like them all. Very caring.


Dr. Mace & Staff,

Thank you so much for being the first dentist I’ve ever looked forward to going to. You made it easy to hear what is probably the worst news of my brief dental history (potential jaw surgery). By the way, I have an appointment with Dr. Marincel in early January, so we’re moving that process along. I brag on y’all at work and can’t wait to see you in June.

Merry Christmas.

Dear Dr. Mace,

Thank you for your recent letter and consideration.

My experience at your office and with your team has always been pleasant.

Yourself and your team have always provided a friendly environment. I miss everyone between appointments, and almost look forward to going to the dentist.

Consider this letter my permission to use any statements or comments.

I really would like everyone to know that I have a dentist that genuinely cares about my smile, and gives me something to smile about.


Merry Christmas Dr. Mace and girls…

As my Grandma used to say “the proof’s in the pudding” – I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you – you are all so helpful in scheduling, insurance claims, cleaning, assisting and of course you, Dr. Mace are the best around. Thank you for your expertise! And between us all, now that we have all taken time to understand each other the proof is in the pudding. I think you are all great & wanted to say thanks for jobs well done. Ken and I both appreciate all of you.

Have a great holiday season – Ken will see you before the end of the year but I won’t so Happy New Year to all of you too.

Carolyn & Ken

P.S. Thanks for lending me the movie. Sometimes I feel like the part Walter Matthau played! Ha!

Dr. Jim,

I don’t change hairdressers and I don’t change dentists, so you can imagine my apprehension when the dentist I’d been going to for 25-plus years sold his practice to Dr. Mace.

Having always been plagued by anxiety at the very thought of going to the dentist, I worried about the new guy on the block understanding and being patient with me. I also had concern about his expertise, and his being available when our family needed treatment.

I happily report all my fears were unfounded. At every turn, Dr. Mace has fulfilled our dental needs.

As a child of nine, I broke my front teeth when I ran into a steel clothes post. My front teeth were always an embarrassment to me. Even though they were capped they didn’t look very good. Our former dentist suggested I have dental implants. They always work, so I was told, but they failed for me, leaving the specialist I was seeing puzzled and both of us very disappointed.

For the next several years I wore a flipper, one tooth on a plate that fit onto the roof of my mouth. It was uncomfortable and even more embarrassing. During this time, our former dentist moved on and Dr. Mace took over the office. It only took a few visits for me to see he was a true professional who cared about my problem. Dr. Mace listened to my concerns, suggested a permanent bridge and detailed the exact steps he’d take.

The end result has more than met my expectations. I’m no longer apprehensive about the way my teeth look, and don’t have to bring my hand up to my mouth to cover it if I smile too broadly.

Several months after my bridge was finished, I was playing with my toddler grandson when he threw his head back and hit my mouth, breaking the bridge. I was heartsick.

Dr. Mace to the rescue, again – he quickly got me into his office and charged me a very nominal fee to fix the bridge. That made me smile even more.

My husband and I have both been served well by Dr. Mace and his staff. Dr. Mace is a perfectionist; he’s kind, understanding and virtually pain-free. Additionally, he’s open to options – if one type of treatment is too costly we’ve found he’ll search out alternatives. That’s exactly what he did in regard to some extensive dental work he did for my husband.

I’d happily recommend Dr. Mace to anyone in need of a dental professional with heart.